Name of institution      Network of Innovative informal education for youth
Duration of the project   08/06/2015- 12/06/2015
Contact person      Indre  Kozevnikaite
Summary of the project   
Summer Day Camp and Summer Day Camp opening ceremony is organized  on 8-12 June, 2015 in Kaunas. It will help to implement the goals of Lithuanian Law on Education. The summer day campus will make an influence informal education for youth by satisfying learners' needs of knowledge, education and self-expression as well as to help learners to become  society acitve members. It is planned that information about international mobility  oportunities and benefits of Europass documents and EU transparancy, transfer and recognition  in life long learning and career planning processes will be presented to participants of the project. Schools from countrysides has been chosen as a target group of the project. That will help to get better services of profession orientation for  pupils from countrysides and help reduce their drop out from the Lithuanian Education System.