Name of institution    SOPA
Duration of the project   01/04/2015 - 31/10/2015
Contact person      Aiva Salatkiene
Summary of the project    
The project "Job Search Laboratory" aims to create a tool for job seekers, which would help them to organise job search process better and develop their job search skills. The user of the tool will be those who have little basic knowledge and skills (young people entering labour market, elderly candidates, long term unemployed, socially excluded people who face difficulties in labour market).
At the beginning of the project groups of job seekers will participate in practical workshops where they will develop their job search skills and participate in research activities. Participants will discuss about needs of job seekers, most common job search mistakes, test different exercises, then the most appropriate job search instruments will be selected. The material collected at the workshops will be used in creation of the methodological tool. The tool will consist of internet site, where basic steps of job search will be presented, practical instruments for job seekers (preparation forms, questionnaires, check-lists etc.) and short video movies. The tool will be available on internet and used by job seekers all across Lithuania and training specialists working with unemployed people. The internet site will be supported and developed after the end of the project as well.
When all the information will be on internet site, the practical training will be provided for the people from disadvantaged groups. At the trainings participants will be introduced with job search instruments and will have possibility to test them. During implementation of the project at least 100 people from disadvantaged groups will improve their job search skills. After the training job seekers will be able to find the job and adopt at the workplace easier. Other job seekers will have possibility to have distant learning by using materials at the website. The instruments provided will help systematically to answer the most important questions: where and how look for job, how to distinguish among other candidates, how to market yourself, how to avoid most common mistakes.