Name of institution     Kaunas J.Urbsio Catholic Secondary School
Duration of the project  30/03/2015 - 31/10/2015
Contact person      Kristina Ziliene
Summary of the project   
Developing children‘s leadership  entrepreneurship and  skills necessary for the labour market is strongly influenced by the family, parents.  According to studies the family has the decisive influence in building up children‘s skills. For this reason, in this project the main activities are dedicated namely to the student‘s parents. The object of the Project is to encourage dialogue between children and treir parens, looking for practical methods how parents can help their child in the process of choosing career, (vocation) end how they can contribute to building up children‘s capacities for leadership and career management. What is more, parents have to find answers how to help their children to get acquainted with international mobility possibilities, Europass documents, benefits of EU transparency, transfer and recognition in the process of career planning. The Project indudes four events: parents, children and educators‘ discussion, a family day, a series of lessons for parents and final conference for educators.
Methodological material will be developed for parents who want to improve their competence in building up the youth leadership and carer management skills and  perceiving international mobility possibilities. This methodological tool will be available to educators as well. We expect, that about 60 parents, 40 students and 90 educators will take part in the events of the project. Several long-term benefits of the project can be distinguished. Direct long-term benefits, that students' parents and students themselves will obtain, are associated with the development of awareness, attitude change, and the perception, that parents have to actively participate in the child's career planning process. They will become more efficient in selecting the right information in the abundance of knowledge, and more informed about international mobility opportunities.
Long-term benefits for the educators will include sharing best practices of working with parents, as well as the prepared and published methodological tool, which will be given to the representatives of other educational institutions during the final conference, so that they will be able to use it in their work with parents. It will be the basic methodological tool for educational institutions which will facilitate an efficient and effective cooperation with parents. Hence in the long run it will sharpen educators' skills in involving parents in the students' career prospects improvement process.