Name of institution      Asociation "JCI Siauliai"
Duration of the project   01/05/2015 - 31/10/2015
Contact person           Valdone Paulauskiene
Summary of the project
The aim of the guidance project "Career Workshops" is to  counsciuosly encourage young people to choose their profession by improving self-knowledge, strengthening career management skills such as preparation of an effective career plan, being focused on its implementation as well as development of leadership, entrepreneurial skills. Another part of the project is aimed at providing information about opportunities of international mobility as well as inspire young people to do voluntary services. Events on volunteering and international mobility as well as practical trainings on topics such as leadership, communication and collaboration and entrepreneurship will provide valuable knowledge and good practice.
It is expected that 240 participants will take part in the project activities: those youngsters, who start planning their own career (school students from higher grades and university/college students) as well as those, who seek for changes in their career (employed and unemployed adults). Project activities are 2 events and 4 practical trainings. Two events will be held in May. Event on mobility opportunities "International exchanges and their benefits" is aimed at bringing together former and current exchange students who will share their international experience, and those who are interested in the opportunity to participate in international exchanges. Our guests from the Education Exchanges Support Foundation and Department of International Programmes and Relations at Siauliai University will make a presentation about the programme itself and its' opportunities. Mentors of international students will share their individual experiences.  A Volunteering Forum "Volunteering - strong basis of the career" wil be held in May as well. The Forum will be moderated by a charismatic lecturer Mindaugas Vidugiris who will seek to emphasize the importance of the volunteering pratices when planning and building one's career. Volunteering is getting more and more popular in Lithuania - after all, this is the easiest way for a young person to make the foundations of their further professional career and to make positive changes in their community in various fields.
In September  4 practical trainings on topics "Creation of an effective career plan", "Leadership as a career guide", "Effective communication and cooperation - an integral part of the occupation" and "The position of personal qualities such as creativity and entrepreneurship at the career plan. From idea to business plan  will be organized. Trainings will be led by professional lecturers and couching specialists: Justina Vasilevičiūtė, Mindaugas Vidugiris and Vaidas Arvasevičius.
The main results of the project are: participants will become more confident in making decisions related to their career and career choices. Profesional lecturers will inspire young people to volunteer and participate in international exchanges, be mentors to foreign students. Participants will gain entrepreneurship, creativity, smooth communication and collaboration, career plan development, leadership and management knowledge as well as valuable practice, which they will use practically when choosing profession, in a job-search, or
increasing competences at a current job position.