Name of institution  Kretinga Jurgis Pabrėža university gymnasium
Duration of the project  01/08/2015 - 31/10/2015
Contact person Snieguole  Jandaloviene
Summary of the project
CAREER'15 is a  guidance event for pupils and teachers in the region of Kretinga, Klaipeda, Palanga, Telsiai, Plunge, Skuodas, Neringa, Silute and many other coastal municipalities. The project's main objectives are to acquaint students with study programs of Lithuanian and foreign institutions of higher education, to disseminate information about international mobility, to show the benefits of the career planning process using the Europass documents, to strengthen young people's entrepreneurship and leadership, to develop their career management skills, to familiarize teachers with suitable methods for encouraging young people's initiative and cooperation.

The project participants are about 1,500 senior students of the coastal region and 60 teachers in Kretinga district, as well as unemployed and not studying youth of Kretinga. The project consists of four main activities: the volunteer training, methodical lecture for district teachers, study exhibition and career night. Execution of the project will be a group of about 30 volunteers (Kretinga district school senior students), the team that will ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

One of the project activities is the experiential team training on cooperation and initiative. The second project activity – the methodical lecture for district educators. Two hours of lecture for 60 teachers of Kretinga district where the most effective ways of working with students will be introduced. The third project activity is the exhibition of studies in Lithuania and abroad. October 23 Kretinga Jurgis Pabrėža University Gymnasium will turn into the exhibition grounds because more than 25 Lithuanian and foreign higher education institutions will present their study programs. Pupils will be given the opportunity to take  an interest in the study programs and participate in various activities.The fourth project activity is a career night. Even 150 students of Kretinga district will participate in various all-night sessions, which will make them easier to choose a profession. This project activity includes a CV writing, interactive lecture on entrepreneurship, the working groups on stress management and critical thinking as well as meeting with DJ Radistai and showing their story of success. Around 1500 the project participants will get acquainted with the programs of study, different professions, many of them will gain the skills necessary for a successful career and will provide a stable foundation for further career. The participants of the Project will be able to choose a study program easier, everyone will make a plan of the career. In the long run, we hope to decrease the indecisiveness  in study programs and increase the number of people employed by specialty.