Name of institution      JM Group
Duration of the project   10/05/2015 - 30/10/2015
Contact person       Agne Bruzaite
Summary of the project   
Youth career portal will launch a career guidance project ‘Be Firsty!’ in May. The project is funded by the Education Exchanges Support Foundation‘s program Euroguidance funds and is oriented to dissemination of information about international mobility, career planning process and lifelong learning benefits. The aim of the project is to contribute to the more effective young people  integration into the labor market, so the goal of project ‘Be Firsty!’ is to motivate young people to actively develop their careers, to reduce the gap between the young job seeker expectations and employer capabilities, to encourage young people to constantly improve their personal and professional skills, promote the acquisition of practical knowledge not only in Lithuania, but also expand professional horizons abroad.

Project ‘Be Firsty!’ will take place from May until October. The main project activity is summer lecture series. The goal of the lectures is to convey diverse information to young people, which is required for a start of successful career, and motivate them to take real action. In order to achieve this, relevant topics such as career planning, international mobility, lifelong learning benefits, stress management, business etiquette, CV writing and preparation for job search, creativity and self-confidence building were selected. People willing to participate in the project will be able to register from May. Information about different profession will be disseminated during the whole project. Videos will be distributed, educational articles about particular occupations and professional experience gaining opportunities will be published: how to take advantage of the Erasmus+ proposals, how to do an internship abroad, what are the benefits of international mobility, where to get knowledge and skills. The project also aims to collect data about young people's employment expectations. Collected data will be processed and announced at the end of the project.

The project is open to all young people (14 - 29 years) who want to expand their knowledge about career options, and then take real action. This project will ensure that every person, regardless of age, place of residence or social status, can participate in all events organized during the project. Lectures will be recorded and broadcasted live (those who can not come to the event will be able to watch the lecture online or view the record of lecture at any convenient time). This decision will increase the accessibility of professional orientation for social exclusion and rural residents. We hope that the project will give positive encouragement to the young people in planning their future and motivate to achieve more goals in their career. Furthermore we expect that the results of the project will cause continuity of the project and engage in more focused activities that will continue to address the problems of young people and facilitate the formation of a youth's personality and his integration into society and industrial life. All information about the progress of the project, useful articles, tips, course materials will be posted on page and distributed in websites of partners.