The aim of the game is to help players identify their needs and, by answering the questions, lead them to an occupational group that suits them.

Game rules

The game can be played by 1–30 people at a time. The players begin the game in the middle of the game board. Each player selects a different coloured game piece. The players are given a multiple-choice question. Based on their answers, the players move to the stations indicated on the game board. The player has to choose the answer that he or she likes the best. If the player is hesitant and does not know what to choose, he or she can ask the person reading the card to give situations that illustrate the answers. Players cannot go back, but if they cannot decide, they can stay in the same square. At the end of the game, the player has to turn over a card that hides a speciality to find out where the answers led to. After finishing the game, the player takes a pamphlet which contains study programmes for the field that he or she selected as well as the structure of entry requirements.

Game methodology

The answers to questions should lead the players to different speciality groups – the humanities, social, technical and so on. After answering the first round of questions, the participants meet in general fields of the groups mentioned. Then a description of this field is presented: what is characteristic of the professions in this huge group. The game continues by asking more specific questions that further divide the participants, allowing them to take different routes and bringing them to more specific areas of work: sales, logistics, customer service, IT and communications, engineering, finance and accounting, production and industry, catering and hotels, administration, marketing and public relations, construction and real estate, agriculture, culture and art, health care, law, energy and so on. At the end of the game, each player turns over a card that hides an occupation and receives a pamphlet that may encourage him or her to pursue a certain profession.

Player achievements

A player can best assess his or her achievements after playing the same game several times. It's best to do this after a one-month break. Then the player can identify any consistencies/inconsistencies in his or her choices and more easily decide what specialty to select in the future.