In everyday life, we are all confronted with our own distinctive features. You may notice that you are enterprising, sensitive or scrupulous. However, you might sometimes catch yourself acting callously or feeling indifferent to other people. We all occasionally ask ourselves: what line of work would suit me best? How can I overcome the weaknesses that I don't like? What are my hidden talents? By taking our existing strengths as a basis, we can find an answer to these questions. The strengths that we possess are an important motive that reveals why we do what we do and how we do it. The basic principle used in this guide is that people work their best and feel happy when they can optimally showcase their strengths. The more frequently a person fully reveals his or her strengths, the more useful and happier he or she feels. For most people, it is difficult to make optimal use of their strengths in everyday life. With this guide, you will be able to explore your own abundance of strengths. Each person should know their personality and explore their possibilities and limitations. This helps to better perceive and understand your own behaviour and that of others. The feedback game and this guide are for everyone who is interested in qualities. In particular, this game and guide are intended for communication teachers, managers, advisers, consultants, teachers, and anyone else whose work requires strength. They are also meant for people who want to better know themselves, taking the personal qualities that they possess into account. This game and its guide are suitable for people of various academic backgrounds, and the examples that I present are also very diverse.