When working with young people, the need to use the new educational tools and methods of non-formal education arises frequently. Career professionals are constantly challenged to improve and adapt to the needs and lifestyle of young people. The use of modern and attractive methods encourages young people to engage in activities and provides a broader and deeper understanding of career management. In response to this challenge, VšĮ Edukacijos Ambasadoriai ("Ambassadors of Education") developed a methodological tool during implementation of the Euroguidance project in 2014. Called the Educational Toolkit for Vocational Consultants in Schools, this tool contributes to the development of a person's career competencies.

The kit consists of five parts intended for activities with young people. The activities are designed to develop career management skills, critical thinking and decision making techniques. A variety of formats are used – table games, choice cards, work simulations, career case analyses and a new consulting technique. Much attention is allocated to the importance of lifelong learning, the development of creativity, undertaking responsibility to act, and problem-solving skills.

This educational toolkit complements the diversity of methods used by vocational consultants and encourages a creative and modern approach to activities with young people in the fields of vocational guidance and career management skills.