The goal of the Euroguidance project is the development of vocational information and counselling in Lithuania and Europe. The project is also a member of the European Euroguidance network, which unites 33 Euroguidance centres in European countries. The combination of activities of a national and international nature allows Euroguidance to achieve exceptional results in developing the vocational information and counselling system and the quality and availability of services, and in promoting lifelong learning.

Euroguidance is first and foremost an informational and methodological resource centre for Lithuanian vocational information and counselling specialists; Euroguidance funds are used to release the latest informational and methodological career planning tools and to organise ongoing training and information seminars for professionals.

Euroguidance promotes mobility and vocational guidance in the European Union via:

  • methodological and informational publications about mobility opportunities;
  • the provision of information about mobility and qualification development opportunities;
  • information about learning opportunities in Lithuania and the European Union;
  • online vocational information and counselling tools;
  • training seminars and conferences;
  • information about education and vocational information and counselling systems, project
  • activities, working methods and good practice in Lithuania and in other countries;
  • cooperation with Lithuanian and European institutions, European networks and European Euroguidance centres.


Target groups:

  • vocational guidance specialists and institutions;
  • people who are studying or employed;
  • people interested in mobility;
  • all other people and institutions interested in professional development.


The Euroguidance project was launched in Lithuania in 1998. The Education Exchanges Support Foundation has been administering this project since 2007.